Welcome to folkTea 2024! Immerse yourself in the soulful essence of folk culture, indulge in gastronomical delights infused with tea, and embark on an exhilarating car rally through scenic tea estates to Arunachal Pradesh. Nestled in the serene Hatipoti tea estate on the North Bank of Assam, near Biswanath Chariali.

29 November - 1 December 2024

Pabhoi, Biswanth Chariali, Assam, INDIA

Bookings will open in October 2024.



Immerse yourself in nature's embrace as you check into our cozy camps, leaving all worries behind for a blissful three-day experience.

Non Campers

For those who miss out the Camps, Store your bags at nearby hotels and homestays, & join the festivities throughout all the days.


Experience the thrill of our car rally, as you drive through rivers and mountains, feeling the adrenaline rush in every moment.


Make the most of our combo offer! Choose between camping + car rally, or non-camping + car rally options, and enjoy significant savings.

Drive though Jungles, River and Mountains

Gaze Stars and Mountains and Introspect

Camping, folk culture, spirituality and nature

Watch Gorichen Peak of Himalayas from camp


Escape from work to folkTea 2023. Arrive at your designated camps, throw your backpacks, and feel the rawness of the experience. Relax by the campfire, stretching your legs, and let the enchanting melodies of strumming, humming, and the captivating Baul singer fill the night. Embrace the star-studded sky as winter sets in and plan for the next two days of activities beginning with Culinary experience, Brew Your own tea and then the Car Rally

Folk Evening

With Bauls & other Folk Artist

Baul melodies transport to pure bliss. Campfire warmth, cultural heritage shared through captivating dances, melodic tunes, and engaging acts.

The Car Rally

Crossing river and mountain

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure through thick pristine forest and river bed that will leave you breathless. 122 km route, gentle challenge, take any vehicle.

Make your own tea

Debabrata Medhi, N Sharma

Learn the art of plucking from the puckers, know the history of Assam Tea from the planters and then walk into the factory to know how your cup of tea is made.

Culinary ethinici-tea

With Atul Lahkar

Renowned Chef Atul Lahkar will tantalize your taste buds with forgotten traditional tea-infused beverages while Aikya Thoumoung, the monk turned food entrpreuner will lead his Khamti/Singpho team for an extraordinary ethnic lunch.

200 years of Assam Tea

The tea industry of Assam has reached a remarkable milestone of 200 years, and now we strive to bestow upon this magnificent sector a touch of soft power, transcending the conventional narrative of profit and loss. With the advent of folkTea 2023, our aim is to weave a captivating tale around the Assam tea industry, infused with the harmonious notes of music, the vibrant tapestry of folk culture, and the tantalizing allure of gastronomical tourism. Moreover, we intend to embrace the spirit of adventure through an exhilarating car rally, adding a dash of excitement to this extraordinary celebration..


Discover yourself amidst a serene tea garden, surrounded by abundant greenery, as you indulge in the art of meditation.

How to Register


Through online registration, anyone can attend.
Booking Open


There are boarding and non-boarding registration options available. Due to limited capacity, pre-registration is a must.

Car rally

For the car rally, there will be a separate registration process.

The Idea

Within a small tea estate of North Bank of Assam, near Biswanath Chariali, an annual jamboree of folk culture, artists, nature lovers & campers who seek solace, introspect amidst serenity and seek spirituality from the cacophony of the city life & introspect where they stand in their lives by living closest to the nature in camps living an earthy life amidst rural folk artists.
The Idea
The whole idea is to bring together the unrecognized and struggling folk artists from the remotest areas of Northern bank of Assam and give them a platform while organically develop rural tourism amidst tea garden with minimalist approach ensuring sustainable tourism and maximum profit for the local rural people.
The Bauls
Programs includes, Bauls from Shantiniketan. Three of them are from Assam and one from Bolpur. Be it instrumental, be is soul stirring songs, they will leave you spellbound.

Camping & Campfire with no artificial lights only moonlight and hurricane lamps to maintain the authenticity. The stage is also from earth.

Location map