Shipping and Delivery Information

{Just bring your successful payment details. That’s it}

Welcome to our website! We want to ensure a seamless experience for all our valued participants who are interested in attending the folkTea festival. Please note that we do not offer any physical shipping items on our website. However, we have designed a convenient process for acquiring your festival tickets.

Festival Ticket Download and Printing

Getting your tickets for the much-anticipated folkTea festival is easier than ever. Here’s how:

1.            Once you make the payment please take the screenshot or take a printout.

2.            Instant Access: Once you’ve selected your desired ticket, you will receive an instant confirmation of your purchase in email account. This confirmation will include a unique ticket reference number and the details of your selected ticket.

3.            Download and Print: With your confirmation details in hand, you can proceed to download and print your festival ticket. This convenient feature allows you to have your ticket ready without any hassle.